Looking Back: 2017 in Review

Protection Successes 

Through the three 2017 land conservation projects featured below, CTF facilitated the protection of 5,120 total acres with a total purchase cost of $13,150,00 and an appraised total market value of $16,213,000.  

Your generosity in 2017 turned an investment of $240,654 into a conservation impact of over $16 million dollars! 


We worked closely with landowners and partners including the Adams and Palaez families, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Forest Service, and Marion County Parks and Recreation. 

Benefits to the Public 

Collectively, these protection successes move us closer to achieving our vision by connecting these newly-purchased lands to other existing protected lands. These connected networks of lands support healthy populations of native plants and wildlife, provide places to recreate and connect with nature, contribute to a strong economy, support the success of working family farms and ranches, and replenish and safeguard Florida’s freshwater supply. 

Lands Saved

Adams Ranch Conservation Easement

Acres: 3245  

Fair Market Value: $6,165,000

Purchase Price: $5,400,000
Palaez & Sons Ranch Conservation Easement

Acres: 1410

Fair Market Value: $4,230,000

Purchase Price: $3,250,000

Silver Springs Sandhill Land Acquisition

Acres: 465       

Fair Market Value: $5,818,000

Purchase Price: $4,500,000 


Return on Investment

When compared with the total expenses CTF incurred to provide expertise and services to facilitate these projects, our ROI ratio was 67:1. In other words, for every $100 donated to CTF in 2017, we leveraged $6737 worth of conservation value in the land we helped to protect, and every $100 donated resulted in the protection of just over 2 acres! 

Your donations to CTF translated into tangible, positive action. They resulted in significant and measurable progress toward achieving our organization’s mission and vision. And they directly promoted long-term land protection and conservation for future generations. 

CTF’s Total expenses: $240,654  

Fair market value of land protection projects facilitated by CTF: $16,213,000  


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