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Legislation Needed to Fulfill Amendment 1

Solitude at Sunrise • Silver River State Park. ©John Moran,

Solitude at Sunrise • Silver River State Park. ©John Moran,

In November, Florida voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 1, the Water and Land Conservation Amendment. The Amendment dedicates 33% of the existing excise tax on documents for the next 20 years to the Land Acquisition Trust Fund to acquire, restore, improve and manage conservation lands.

This was an incredible win for conservation in Florida, but the victory will not be complete until elected leaders implement legislation that will fund land conservation using this dedicated stream of funding.

You can help!

Right now your legislative leaders are gearing up for the upcoming Legislative Session, which begins on March 3. They are holding committee and planning meetings now and need to hear from their constituents on this issue.

Please take a moment to contact your state representative and senator and tell them that you, along with 75% of all voters in the state of Florida, agree that the purpose of Amendment 1 is to revive state spending to its highest allowable limits for existing land and water conservation programs that has not been supplied by the Legislature in recent years.

Find Your Legislators

You can find contact information for your state representative and senator here:

More Resources

The Conservation Trust for Florida is a member of Florida’s Water and Land Legacy. This coalition of civic organizations and businesses maintains an excellent website with tools, background information, and updates.

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