For every $100 donated to CFL in 2017, we leveraged $6737 worth of conservation value in the land we helped to protect. Every $100 donated resulted in the protection of just over 2 acres!

Your donations to CFL translate into tangible, positive action. They result in significant and measurable progress toward achieving our organization’s mission and vision. They directly promote long-term land protection and conservation for future generations.

Your generosity in 2017 turned an investment of $240,654 into a conservation impact of over $16 million dollars! 

In 2017 CFL facilitated the protection of 5,120 total acres with a total purchase cost of $13,150,00 and an appraised total market value of $16,213,000. 

When compared with the total expenses CFL incured to provide expertise and services to facilitate these projects, your ROI ratio was 67:1.