Completed Projects

To date, we have successfully completed land protection projects totaling over 23,000 acres. Our common sense, cooperative, and creative approach to land conservation continues to propel us forward, and our active projects now encompass over 180,000 acres statewide.

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Lands Protected

Highlights Through the Years


Adams Ranch, #3

  • Acres: 3,245
  • Benefits: The Adams Ranch is the 12th largest cow/calf operation in the United States. This latest easement is on their Lake Marian Ranch that lies in the heart of the Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area. The Refuge seeks to protect the imperiled habitats and rare species of the Northern Everglades.
  • Partners: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Forest Service, Adams Ranch

Silver Springs Sandhill

  • Acres: 365
  • Benefits: Adds to a protective buffer around the iconic Silver Springs — one of the larges artesian spring systems in the world. The property also connects to Indian Lake State Forest andMarion County’s Coehadjoe Park.
  • Partners: Marion County Parks and Recreation, numerous landowners

Pelaez and Sons Ranch

  • Acres: 1,375
  • Benefits: Located east of the Kissimmee River and eight miles north of Lake Okeechobee, the property is in a key location for watershed protection. It is adjacent to a federal wetlands reserve program easement and is near South Florida Water Management District conservation lands. It is also home to, and contains suitable habitat for, many species such as the Eastern Indigo snake, Crested Caracara, Sandhill Crane, Gopher Tortoise, Sherman’s Fox Squirrel, Bald Eagle, Southeastern American Kestrel, Burrowing Owl, Wood Stork, and Florida Grasshopper Sparrow.
  • Partners: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Forest Service Pelaez family


Adams Ranch, #2

  • Acres: 1,536
  • Benefits: Protects one of the last remaining grassland and longleaf pine savanna landscapes in eastern North America and a portion of the 12th largest cow/calf operation in the United States
  • Partners: Florida Forest Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service


Adams Ranch

  • Acres: 662
  • Benefits: Protects one of the last remaining grassland and longleaf pine savanna landscapes in eastern North America and a portion of the 12th largest cow/calf operation in the United States
  • Partners: US Fish and Wildlife Service, Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge

Silver Springs Forest Conservation Area

  • Role: Negotiated transaction, raised private funds to close funding gap
  • Acres: 4,900
  • Benefits: Links the Indian Lake State Forest to the west with the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway to the east, and it provides a protective buffer from development for the Silver Springs State Park located directly to the south. More than 12 miles of back country trails loop through the forest and provide excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. Visitors can access the property from three trailheads, one of which has a parking lot that accommodates horse trailers.
  • Partners: St. Johns River Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Legacy Program, Felburn Foundation, Moskovitz Foundation and private funders


Wekiva-Ocala Greenway – Full of Pride tract

  • Acres: 156
  • Benefits: Critical to completing the highest priority bear corridor in the Wekiva – Ocala Greenway, which links the conservation lands of the Wekiva River basin and the Ocala National Forest.
  • Partners: Florida Department of Environmental Protectio


Little Orange Creek Preserve Addition

  • Acres: 390
  • Benefits: Expanded nature park and preserve to nearly 3,000 acres, added wildlife habitatincluding freshwater marshes and swamps, public recreation
  • Partners: Alachua Conservation Trust, North American Wetlands Conservation Act


Nayfield Acres

  • Acres: 136
  • Benefits: The land is adjacent to the Big Shoals Conservation Area, and contains a seepage spring and creek system that drains into the Suwannee River. The Nayfields have begun to restore the cleared portions of the property by planting long leaf pine.
  • Partners: Private landowners KC and Marybeth Nayfield


Barr Hammock Preserve – Levy Prairie Addition

  • Acres: 3,350
  • Benefits: One of the largest wetland natural areas in Alachua County. helps connect Payne’s Prairie State Preserve to the Ocala National Forest and Goethe State Forest, which helps protect natural habitat and wildlife populations. 6.5 miles of unpaved loop trail for recreation.
  • Partners: Alachua County, North America Wetlands Conservation Act

Hartzog Conservation Easement

  • Acres: 117
  • Benefits: Protects approximately 2,000 feet of undeveloped river frontage, which will protectwater resources and wildlife habitat, as well as provide scenic views and open space in an increasingly developed landscape. The Hartzogs donated the property to the Messianic Covenant Community to create a retreat center for individuals who have limited contact with nature or who are handicapped.
  • Partners: private landowner the Hartzog family 2009


  • Role: Accepted donation of conservation easement
  • Acres: 200
  • Benefits: Hardwood and pine forests, scenic and rural landscapes of Northwest Marion County
  • Partners: private landowner the O’Neill family


The Webber Cedar Lakes Ranch and Nature Preserve

  • Acres: 54
  • Benefits: Springs protection, groundwater recharge – the property is adjacent to Devil’s Den, a spring, and world class cave diving destination.
  • Partners: Private landowner Dr. Raymond T. Webber


Wood Farm

  • Acres: 172
  • Benefits: Provides wildlife habitat and allows cattle ranching operation
  • Partners: Alachua County, USDA Farm and Ranchland Protection Program


Barr Hammock Preserve – Ledwith Prairie

  • Acres: 2,303
  • Benefits: Provides a “land bridge” that connects two of the largest wetlands in Alachua County. helps create a wildlife corridor that connects the Ocala National Forest to Goethe State Forest, archeological sites
  • Partners: Alachua County, Florida Communities Trust Grant, Private Landowner 2005


Hansen Preserve and Quail Roost Farm Conservation Easements

  • Acres: 825 total acres (Hansen = 25, Quail Roost = 800)
  • Benefits: Conservation benefits include wildlife habitat and agriculture
  • Partners: Private landowners Phyllis Hansen (Hansen Preserve) and Kerry Heubeck (Quail Roost Farm)


Lochloosa Nature Preserve

  • Acres: 1,388
  • Benefits: Key connector property in the regional wildlife corridor between Lake Lochloosa, Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historical State Park and Newnan’s Lake Conservation Area, important longleaf pine flatwoods and sandhill habitat
  • Partners: Alachua County


Price’s Scrub

  • Acres: 952
  • Benefits: Key part of the Northwest Marion Greenway, 9.5-mile trail for hikers, cyclists, equestrians, and birders.
  • Partners: Florida Department of Environmental Protection/Office of Greenways and Trails