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Saving Florida. For Nature. For People. Forever. 

Photo by Randy Batista

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Protecting Florida’s natural and agricultural landscapes for future generations.

We have protected over 25,000 acres since 1999, and, as the demand and urgency grows to protect Florida’s irreplaceable conservation lands, we are ramping up our pace. We are now leading conservation projects totaling over 178,485 acres.


Invest in wild, wonderful Florida.

Photo by Randy Batista

Photo by Randy Batista

conserving Florida's Landscapes

Our projects stretch from the Florida panhandle to the Everglades and are guided by scientific research that identifies areas of highest priority. 

Photo by Carlton Ward

Photo by Carlton Ward

Preserving Rural Lands

We work with private landowners in rural communities to protect Florida’s family farms & ranches, protecting not only green space and habitat, but a piece of Florida’s heritage.

Photo by Ron Magill

Photo by Ron Magill

Protecting Wildlife COrridors

With a focus on connectivity and landscape scale conservation, we have a bold plan. We aim to connect existing conservation lands throughout Florida.


Sampala Lake

CFL Project protects site of 17th century Spanish mission- one of the five missions established by the Spanish between 1609 and 1655.

Now complete: a two part conservation initiative that allows the Sampala Lake landscape to stay in private ownership while permanently protecting its conservation and cultural values.

Photo by Randy Batista

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The Post

In each issue of The POST you’ll read about exciting accomplishments achieved through powerful partnerships. You’ll also meet the individuals that champion these initiatives.




Conservation Conversations


Our Story

We were founded in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit land trust. Our mission is to protect Florida’s natural and agricultural landscapes for future generations.

To date, we have worked with private landowners, governmental agencies, and partnering nonprofits to protect over 25,000 acres.


Photo by Carlton Ward

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We Work Statewide



We think BIG.

From the Everglades to the Panhandle! Our projects span entire regions – connecting large conservation properties together like a vast jigsaw puzzle. The interconnected properties are owned and managed by various people and agencies that collaborate to achieve specific objectives for that region.


Connecting the Florida Wildlife Corridor

Connectivity preserves wildlife habitat and gives wide-ranging animals like Florida black bears and panthers the territory they need to survive and thrive. We call it “room to roam.”


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