Our Mission


Our mission is to protect Florida’s natural and agricultural landscapes for future generations.


Our vision is a Florida where protected lands:

Form a statewide conservation corridor

Support healthy populations of native plants and wildlife

Provide places to recreate and connect with nature

Contribute to a strong economy

Support the success of working family farms and ranches

Replenish and safeguard Florida’s freshwater supply

We achieve this vision by: 

Providing expertise to guide landowners through the land protection process

Serving as a trusted community partner to support statewide land conservation

Promoting land conservation through effective education and advocacy

Photo: Randy Batista

Photo: Randy Batista

Conserving Florida's Landscapes

Our projects stretch from the Florida panhandle to the Everglades and are guided by scientific research that identifies areas of highest priority. 

Photo: Carlton Ward

Photo: Carlton Ward

Preserving Rural Lands

We work with private landowners in rural communities to protect Florida’s working lands, protecting not only green spaces and habitat, but a piece of Florida’s heritage.

Photo: Ron Magill

Photo: Ron Magill

Protecting Wildlife COrridors

With a focus on connectivity and landscape scale conservation, we have a bold plan. We aim to connect existing conservation lands throughout Florida.

Photo: Chuck Palmer

Photo: Chuck Palmer

Community Conservation

Conservation initiatives within communities, providing places to recreate and connect with nature.